1988: Title panel of an interpretive photographic exhibit of 11 panels with 300 photos, unique
in the Romanian diaspora anywhere; these panels were displayed in many locations in the
Chicago area and in Indiana and now they are at the museum in Philadelphia. They cover 80
years of aspects of the  Romanian contribution to the American society and its rich ethnicity.
                         of ROMANIA from the Romanian Diaspora of US
The museum and, since 1996, the Romanian-American League organized dozen of audio-visual  presentations on Romania in
various public places such as public libraries, universities, schools, churches, special events related to Romania, senior
citizen centers, festivals, lobbies of theaters with the occasion of screening of Romanian movies or plays, etc.as well as on is
premises in Chicago-Evanston and in Philadelphia. It covers not just culture but also the Romanian economy, politics,
education, media. Rodica Perciali has expensive knowledge of Romania and its society of both before 1989 and since then
Books - Art, Art History, Folk Art and Folkloric Crafts, Costumes and Rugs, Touristic albums covering many
regions of Romania, Monuments, Churches, Castle of Transylvania, History and the Old Romanian
Civilization, and a large collection of Literature, Theory &History of Romanian Literature and Children Books
Also NEWSPAPERS in Romanian and some in English. Maps, Travel Guides, touristic booklets,brochures
Visual materials such as hundreds of photographs and dozen of videotapes from many regions of Romania,
including artists/artisans.Mostly filmed by Rodica Perciali. A few professional CD's+  DVD's

(the richest one on the East Coast and 2nd in historic documentation to the Romanian Heritage-Archives Center in Michigan)
Books - Our library has several
dozen books, hundreds of
newspapers , almanachs,   
booklets, as well as  thousands
of archival documents of the
history of the museum , its
public programs, and its
relationships, and more then
120 examples of press
coverage by the American,
Romanian-American and
Romanian media
Visual materials - Hundreds of photographs and dozen of videos of
Romanian communities and people, hundreds of Americans who
helped, participated or attended as well as hundreds Romanians in
Romania,  the museum public exhibits and programs in Chicago,
Evanston Il, Aurora -Il,  Lansing-Indiana, Boulder -CO, Cincinnati-OH,
Covington- Kentucky,  NY, Princeton NJ, Philadelphia-PA as well as in
dozen of places in Romania. Dozen of photos show administrative
and maintenance work to the collection  hosting it in the Perciali's
residence where many some hundreds of people visited between
1984 and now. Also items of the collection and valuable TV clips.
Thi 1985-1988  humanities project of an interpretive photographic
permanent /traveling exhibit was partially sponsored by a matching
grant of $8600 from the Illinois Humanities Council and the
National Endowment for the Humanities"  ,  by the Romanian
Museum, and by the Perciali's family ($500 and more then 1500
hours of work) .

About 500 people participated in various ways : some hours of
work, small cash donations, donations of printed materials and
photograph A book on the Romanian communities is still in
manuscript ,  unfinished due, paradoxically, to lack of Romanian
historians and other specialists and  interest from the Romanian
-American churches and media.

The museum is still looking for researchers or people who would
like to help us finalize the project and print a book on "Romanians
of US - the last 25 years". Meanwhile the photographic exhibit has
been traveling in many places in the US, in public libraries, in
Romanian churches, in New York at the World Trade Center in
1997 and can easily be displayed wherever there is interest. Right
now the panels are in the museum room in Philadelphia as part of
our goal is to travel with it to other plcaes in US and to  Romania,  
we have been displaying for dozen of times photographic replica of
the panels along  copies of the many dozen newspapers articles
about us and many dozen photographs of activities done after
1988. Such a collage exhibit is now in Bucharest :
"20 Years of
Achivements in  Promotion of the Romanian Culture in US".
Main title panel "Romainans of
Illinois - an Evolving Identity" and
some of the panels of the exhibit :
First Immigrant's Social & Cultural
Life, Romanian Orthodox Church
of St.Mary, Romanian Orthodox
Church of Lansing-Indiana
The museum has a rich library of books and visual materials housed mainly at its location in Princeton NJ

 In Chicago, between 1983 and 1998 and then at its location in Philadelphia it  has been functioning as  

               A Resource center on Romania and
a Resource Center on the Romanian Immigration/Communties of the US

Visitors can look at visual materials and  books, photo albums, and brochures in English and in Romanian

The gift gallery has some books for sale along with touristic booklets, brochures, post cards and music tapes.
Also, the museum and the
Romanian-American League have
been functioning as presenters of the
Romanian Immigration and Diaspora
-in the context of the US society - to
the people of Romania including the
media,  of Romania. Photos will follow
1606 Spruce St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103