Previous programs initiated by the Romanian Museum and the
Romanian-American League

I. One year pilot program of support for Romania
II. Outreaching cultural activities for 7/99-6/2000

I. One year pilot program of support for Romania and Promotion of the Romanian Culture and
Economy in the U.S.

The museum has initiated the development of a Romanian non-government economic and cultural
representation at our location in Philadelphia and in fairs and other events on the East Coast and
Midwest. We offer free exhibit and/or office space and services for participants who meet our criteria, to
cooperate to help each other in this difficult period of crisis when individual separate efforts are
generally not efficient. By association, companies and artists could hire a promoter/representative. This
is a project of self-help in which the participants are expected to volunteer as much as possible and
contribute cash directly or through their own fund, raising only 25% of the costs in US.

At our main location in Philadelphia, in a building in the heart of the city, at least three spaces totaling
1200 sf. (120 m^2) are offered free of charge, for one year, July 1999-June 2000, for a "ROMANIAN
CULTURAL AND COMMERCIAL CENTER" by the Perciali family, the main founders of the Romanian
Museum, and the biggest benefactors of Romania in U.S. for the last 16 years, donating services in a
value of $1.5 million and $100,000 cash for operational expenses/public programs in the U.S. and

One space of 500 sf., a GALLERY (cultural and commercial) that has been already open to the public in
April, features CONTEMPORARY FOLK ART AND RUGS and is waiting for artisans and fine arts artists
who could share the space or rotate group exhibits. Two smaller spaces of 325 sf. are open to either
promotional/commercial representation by chamber of commerce or trade organizations or as
showrooms and direct selling for companies of furniture (especially hand made, including country style),
ceramic tiles, glass, rugs, textiles.

One representative and at least one featured artisan/artist should be actively involved with us in all
aspects of the program (exporting from Romania, importing here, organizing, decorating, and
maintaining the space, public relation/media, promoting & marketing, organizing fundraising campaigns
& events, for the gallery but also for the museum, both to, for, and with the American and the
Romanian-American public). Books and audio/visual materials will be included, therefore publishing
houses are welcome as well as producers of interior decorations and gifts.

The profit of part of the selling price goes the museum, depending on the participants cash contribution
for printing/publicity and program expenses such as receptions, communication, travelling, etc. The
participants will be assisted to make contacts, expend their market to other places, including attending
trade shows in 2000, if a commission will be promised to the museum.

II. Outreach cultural activities for 7/99-6/2000

We have organized and continue to organize exhibits in cooperation with artists invited to display and
demonstrate their work, as well as assist them to find more of a market. Besides selling for the museum's
benefit, we will organize fund-raising activities such as audio/slide lectures, dinners/receptions, etc. But
from Romania we need artists (they can use one space just by themselves including the premises of our
garden of 3000 sf. in Princeton for creating an outdoor exhibit) and artisans specialized in traditional
crafts (the emphasis is on the region of Fagaras). We also need printed materials/books in English for
sale and a photographic exhibit and posters, flyers promoting Romania touristically.

1. "Romania 2000" - arrangements have been made that Romania will be the main featured country at
the "INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL" in Philadelphia, Oct. 11-16, in a space of 2000 sf (200 m^2) and with a
vending booth of 20 sf (all for free; with an option to also participate in the Dec. festival editions of
Detroit and Chicago, for $500-900 ea.) We will put up a large exhibit, but from Romania we need
artisans demonstrating Romanian traditional crafts, a presenter, books in English, and a tourist
photographic exhibit. We will do 2 audio/visual lectures & reception/dinners.

2. Besides participation in the main exhibit of the program, at the Romanian Gallery in Philadelphia,
arrangements have been made and fees paid for participation in smaller festivals and fairs such as
"Creative Collective Crafts Fair" at Head House Market in Center Philadelphia every weekend of Sept;
Oct. 1-2 in Bucks County; Oct. 9 in Lambertville, NJ; Nov. 13-14 in Princeton; Dec. 3-4 the Romanian
National Day; Dec. 11-12 at the Ukrainian Festival in Jenkingstown, PA; Participation in New jersey Folk
Festival, April 30; Princeton Comuniversity Fest, May 21, etc.

3. Educational/traveling program: Sept. 27-30 and Jan. 7-14 visits to schools and public libraries of
Philadelphia and Nov. 1-5 in Princeton with our guests artisans to present the program "ROMANIAN
FOLKART ALIVE" of craft demonstrations (other areas will be targeted as well)

4. In Jan. 22-23 with the occasion of the Union Day at the museum in Philadelphia (a round table;
demonstrations; getting off grounds the project "MILLENNIUM 2000 AT HOME" - Diaspora visiting
Romania; at least Romanians & Romanian-Americans originating from Tara Fagarasului.

5. Tour of several Romanian-American communities (New York, Cleveland, Akron, Chicago,
Indianapolis) February in NJ, PA, Cleveland/Akron and Chicago for exhibits or small events as well as to
stimulate the natives of Tara Fagarasului to organize for the "Millennium 2000 at Home"

6. ROMANIAN VALENTINE - Exhibit March - "Celebrating artistic women" (guests from Romania)

7. ORTHODOX EASTER TRADITIONS - Craft demo, slide shows, dinners in Philadelphia & Princeton

8. JUNE - MILLENNIUM 2000 AT HOME in Romania. Our intention is to organize 1-2 days conference
and special organizational sessions in Bucharest, one day in the county city and then one day in
people's towns or villages. We will be directly involved with Brasov county and Fagaras area. Also,
tentatively, our 11 panels of the Photographic Panorama of the Romanian Immigrants of US will travel in
5 places: Bucharest, Timisoara, Brasov, Fagaras, Sinaia, or Sibiu (at universities or Cultural Centers).
Round Tables and organizational sessions with the goal to initiate programs of support for the
Romanian people and cultural and commercial exchanges.

REF. OUR OFFER OF SPACE for Romania we announced it to the Romanian Embassy in Washington
and the Consul of New York in Nov. 1998 inviting the staff for repeated times to visit us. We faxed the
offer in writing 4/99 and in Bucharest in June and in August. No answer!

Besides companies and artists/artisans that Mrs. Perciali met personally with in Romania this summer,
she requested in writing the participation of several Romanian Government ministries and other
institutions were invited Ministry of External Affairs, of Culture, of Industry and Commerce of Education,
of Tourism (confirmed); the Romanian Cultural Foundation; the Romanian Chamber of Commerce of
Bucharest and, directly, in appointments and repeated meetings with the Union of Plastic Artists, the
Central Union of Crafts Cooperatives, the Secretary of Sibiu County, the presidents and about 30
members of the chambers of commerce of Sibiu, Brasov and Fagaras, the Mayor and municipal council
members of Fagaras and representatives of several organizations of Fagaras area which is a rich and
renowned ethnographic region in SE Transylvania that our museum parti9ally represents (confirmed).
Despite the obvious advantages of our offer, even the most interested companies & artists just don't
have enough resources to commit themselves to the Romanian side of the project (which we anticipated
and that's why we are doing the project), but, sadly, the necessary and positive and cooperative
attitude, a minimum of organizational and associative skills, and the correct understanding of the role of
promotion for export. Not just the government/ministries don't train/educate them, but the media refuses
too. The government/ministries don't even have the correct notion of their role TO SUPPORT THE
PRIVATE SECTOR, NOT TO KILL IT, either by overtaxation, neglect, competition of personal dislikes.
Philadelphia, PA 19103