Romanian Folk Art Museum:
33+Years of Accomplishments in Enriching the American Culture and promoting Romania
The Romanian Folk Art Museum is a non-profit
organization established in 1983 in Chicago. It displays
part of the largest folk art/village artifacts collection
outside of Romania and from Europe in US, the last
addition being a 40ft trailer of furniture. Since Nov1998
it inhabits an exhibit space and gallery in center city
Philadelphia due the generosity of Perciali family.

It  has a branch in Princeton - the depositary of printed
and visual materials library, archives, and the Percialis
artifacts folkloric collection, the largest European one
in the U.S. Also, since 2002 a branch in Romania.

Please email for details on our 33th Anniversary
or call Michael Perciali, 609-281-8525, evenings

In Febr.-March'17 Visit us in Brasov - The charming
Transylvania (we can arrange for accomodations)

The museum's main founder, Rodica Perciali, a former
teacher, has been volunteering for over twenty years. With
the help of her family and hundreds of Americans,
Romanian-Americans and Romanians, she has organized
over 120 public itinerant exhibits and educational programs
and activities in the U.S. and in Romania. These include
large and small artifacts exhibits, participations in festivals
and fairs with cultural/commercial stands, a traveling
photographic exhibit of the history of the Romanian
immigration, audio visual lectures, round tables in
universities, public libraries, and churches, programs of
economic promotion,
opening of two galleries/shop, and,
since 1989, in Romania : some projects and many dozen
activities such as  presentations, round tables, meetings,
exhibits, press conferences, etc., in Bucharest and 6 other
cities and towns, many of them covered by the media.

She was awarded the title of "Outstanding American New
Citizen " in 1987 in Chicago and several grants and
prizes.And due to her efforts, communication skills and the
beauty of the Perciali's village artifacts collections - the
largest and most authentic ones form Europe in US -  the
museum and herselve received huge media coverage. But,
saddly, the museum, its gallery and its Resource and
Analysis Center on the Romanian immigration and on
Romania, suffer from lack of volunteers and of appreciation
and popularization from the part of  Romanian officials.

Please join us in a campaign to SAVE the museum and to
evaluate better solutions which may include to move the
museum to Princeton NJ area, to develop a EUROPEAN
VILLAGE - as a DESTINATION (or to devide the collections or
sell a part to save the rest.and to pay its rent as Percialis'
can not donate its space in Philadelphia anymore.and Mrs.
Perciali promote alone.
Newspaper articles about the museum in the
American press, Romanian-American press and
in Romania, 1984-1995. Many more appeared
after that; also there was TV repeated coverage
by NBC, ABC, CNN, WGN, Fox News, and in
Romania. More recently large 2  pages articles in
Princeton Packet ,NJ (march 24, 2006- The Land
beyond the Forest ; The unofficial Ambassador..))
and Philadelphia Inquierer (last, March 20, 08 -
Exquiste Eggs, Egss with a PhD) Since 1990 a
lot of media coverage in Romania, but,
unfortunetely not  after 2008. Which deprives the
Romanian people to learn about our major
succeses in promoting its culture and to develop
similars skills so that can continue the mission

The museum has received awards and public grants and its
events were covered by the American and Romanian media.
One of the most important programs maintained by the
museum for the last 19 years is a Program to Promote
Romanian Artisans.

The Romanian-American League, also a non-profit
organization, was established in 1996 and incorporated in
1999 in Pennsylvania to carry on bridge up programs for
economy, media, civic participation (initiated in 1991 for the
Civic Alliance and CDR) including promoting the Romanian
economy in US.

It maintains an office in Romania, in the beautiful
Transylvanian city of Brasov. Please let us know if you
intend to visit - we will arrange for you to see our beautiful
exhibit of Painted Furniture house there in 5 rooms; it was
produced in 2003-2004 by 3 very talented gypsy artisans.
We would be glad to continue to help them by placing them
orders.You can get an idea from the pictures at the gallery
menu and the current exhibit. But we also carry samples
1606 Spruce St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103