For Christmas of 2006 - Please email for our the schedule  in Philadelphia,,
but unfortunately we can not invite you to any traditional cutural event at
the  New York official Romanian Cultural Institute because, paradoxically,
nothing like this is being  organized.

Tentative events in New York at the Romanian Consulate around Jan. 12 or
Jan.24, 2007 (the Romanian Union Day)
For Fall of 2006- Celebrating the museum  23th Anniversary -

Special events are being planned in Philadelphia, Princeton NJ, and
New York. Please call for details!

In Bucharest - Romania, a photo-montage exhibit "20 years of
Exceptional Accomplishments  Promoting Romanian Culture in US" is
being shown  at the Artists Association by appointment while more
materials about the Romanian Museum and the Romanian Diaspora of
US can be consulted at our 3rd location in Brasov-Transylvania, still by

WE will be there ourselves for the summer, including for an OPEN
HOUSE for 4th of July and to evaluate young people as candidates for
the Internship Program. This location is the only representation in
Romania of the US Romanian diaspora ,since 2002,  but so far still
based on the personal effort of the Perciali family. Volunteers are
needed at least for the summer - lodging and some pay possible!

An impressive exhibit of painted furniture is displayed in 3 rooms as
part of a major/unique cultural and economic Romanian-American
project  to revitalize the beautiful traditional art by passing on the skills
to a younger generation - our three artisans were surprisingly talented
gypsies from the area...WE'll post some pictures asap, but if anybody
is interested, please contact us.
1606 Spruce St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Sorry for no filling in new any information for the last almost 10 years...Almost every
thing has been stagnating due to lack of volunteers and support from the Romanian
community churches around. And the wort of all is neglect from the Romanian
officials who are not used to show  appreciation for private efforts and ignore even
our  biggest  accomplishments in the US diaspora of promoting  Romania, its culture
and its artisans , hence helping the Romanian people. They don;t know to show
interest in learning about the Romanian immigration in US and documenting
themselves by at least coming to our RESOURCE CENTER where we house the
biggest photographic interpretive exhibit pertaining to the Romanian contribution to
the American society until 1989.  Painfull to us who have been active and
appreciated in US  for a long time  and also in Romania in the 90's and part of
2000's..they don't like to show any cooperation and have not even  popularized the
museum, its programs for the people of Romania and its needs for help  neither in
Romania nor to the Romanian diaspora in US, at least through their offices in
Washington and NY if not those in other US  main cities And acting against their
mission they have not housed and showed any of our exhibits and in general did not
organize conferences with the community so that at least we can connect better.

WE could not keep the museum  open on a regular basis except for Easter and Chr,
istmas but we still showed it 2-3 times a week, based on appointments. For Easter
we have had continuous success in getting media coverage In order to look for
volunteers and participants I have been spending a lot of time in Brasov and
meeting with a lot of young peole but they are not prepared to become promoters
most of them prefering .education and jobs in tehnical fields and/or going to EU..
Now, as for May an June of 2015 here in Romania and then back at home in
Princeton and Philadelphia I am trying to locate adults who want to join the
Romanian-American League that we also founded in 1996 and to develop a
campaign to SAVE the museum and find the best solutions for its future  after 35
years of efforts by our family we want so see the collections being set up in a large
location in the this is a PEASANT art collection, ideally yo set up a
VILLAGE as a destination point, a least a Transylvanian one if not a European one