20 Years - in 2016 - aniversare planuita pentru Sept-Octombrie in Romania- in asteptarea
unor rasounsuri din partea  autoritatilor romanesti care intirzie le un mod jenant pentru
ele sa-si implineasca datoria de a anuntat tarii programele oferite de noi si de a ne onora
pt.cele mai multe si mari servicii voluntare din toata diaspora, aduse tarii de 35 de ani

For Jan.2017 we willl invite you to Philadelphia and for Febr-March in Brasov, Romania
For 2016 - the 20th Anniverary - is being panned for Sep-Oct in Romania - counting that
the Romanian authorities would honor us for a life time commitment to Romania

Spring of 2015 - Celebrating the 19 th year Anniversary -  Special events are being
planned in Romania in May and June , including ROUND TABLES on the topic of "Better
Public Policies and Strategies for the Romanian Government and other entities for
cultural and economic promotion in US, including to the Romanian diaspora" and  on te
tipic of the importance and necessity of strenghtening the relationships between
Romania and its diaspora ", "25 years of  Building  Romanian Bridges over the Ocean"  -
our example and hopefully others ; Also "Solutions for Romania"

We are looking for relevant people to present (for those with achievments and for expert
analysts. WE are inviting those interested to our location  in Brasov  or in Bucharest to a
hotel , around May 25 o June 1 - for planning

At least one event will be dedicated to the Museum 30+ Anniversary and another one
close to   4th of July. WE need help to send announcements to  various groups of
Romanians in EU who  might be interested in such important topics and to cooperate to
put pressure on the Romanian authorities to better respect the constitution and apply
the legislation when it comes to the DIASPORA and the obligations to promote  
Romania's interests abroad and defend its image

The League is open to everybody ...but we are even more interested to form an
ALLIANCE of the DIASPORA. The ROmanian state is supposed to hold a large annual
conference where the diaspora people interested to get to know each other and get
organized for important goals and to elect a representative CONGRESS for which to
provide proper offices if not  setting up an institution ,  a CENTER  

We , as the oldest most active diaspora Romanians who spent most of our life and
efforts, including financial  ones for Romania and accomplished more then anybody else
major objectives and programs for promoting and helping Romania are looking now to
finalize some of them and transfer them gradually to other people...but could not find any
with similar or relevant experience and dedication.

WE are looking at least for candidates for a training program of INTERNSHIP ...to form
promoters..since the RO Gov and the Romanian Cultural Institute have not  ....

Even more, we are still offering to Romania the grea/unique in US opportuni ty to have a
PROMOTION CENTER in US, In Philadelphia at least to start with a pilot project for 3
months : Sept-Nov 2015 .

One major goal for the museum and the main task of the League si to form a
PARTNERSHIP to set up in US, in Princeton NJ area, a ROMANIAN/TRANSYLVANIAN
VILLAGE as a DESTINATION POINT next summer. Ideally a EUROPEAN one - we already
cover more countries with our th largest and most representative folk art/village artifacts
collection from Europe to US

Please email  for details to ro_am_league@yahoo! You may call 609-216-6991.

but please first get familiarized with who we are by reading th content of the web site and
possible some of the huge press coverage that we got..more then any Romanian in
US..But also in Romania as diaspora people....(more then 50 articles and 12 times on
TVR..but very little after 2003 ...It's a complicated and sad story...that needs to be told
and things need to be corrected and made up to the museum and us by those at fault...)

so that the museum will have a better future and much more support and popularization
then we could give to it (we will consider a competition and awards..t those who can
show competence and capability to take over our tasks...and get at least 10% of media
coverage of what we got..
PLease join our noble efforts ...

               The Romanian-American League

The ROMANIAN - AMERICAN LEAGUE, incorporated in the state of Pennsylvania in 1999, was initiated by
Rodica Perciali in April 1996. Its goal is to function as a bridge with Romania and to provide a structure for
programs of democracy and civic education and for the promotion of the Romanian economy in the U.S.,
programs such as those that she and other Americans and Romanians in the U.S. have been undertaking
since 1991. All the work has been donated as well as several thousands dollars annually.

Types of programs

1. For better organization in democracy and the civil society in Romania, and strategies of cooperation with
the diaspora:

a. For the Civic Alliance and the former president Emil Constantinescu (through projects and grant
proposals for the National Endowment for Democracy, USIA, and other American organizations, and
through multiple meetings in Romania);

b. For the Romanian Democratic Convention - especially in 1992, 1993 and 1996. Direct consulting on
"Forming strategies of cooperation with the diaspora" and on improving internal organization,
communication between parties, and association for common interests. For the opposition in general,
especially in 1996, worked with the PNTCD, USD, UDMR, and ANL in Romania and maintained a political
campaign office in Chicago for 5 weeks. Kept in touch with most of the Romanian communities in the U.S.,
especially with the "voting locations" the League initiated out of Chicago and out of Cincinnati, OH. Also
initiated the "Appeal of 250 Romanians in the U.S. for unity and cooperation among the opposition before
the elections": collected direct signatures and names of supporters over the phone and then sent the
press release to the international media and to Romania as well as to Prof. Emil Constantinescu and the
other opposition parties.

c. For PAC in 1992 and ANL in 1996 as well as contacts with other civic organizations.

2. Programs for economic assistance:

a. Program of economic assistance and marketing for 500 artisans of Romania initiated in May of 1991 in
Chicago - a pilot project with a two mini-grants totaling $4000 and a personal loan of $25,000, with some
support from the Ministry of Culture and UCECOM and 10 cooperatives. Encouraged Romanian folk artists
to organize themselves in an association, close contracts and get help for export to the U.S. Opened a folk
art gallery in Chicago in October 1991 - the first and the only Romanian Gallery in the U.S. ever, continued
here in Philadelphia. She represented the artisans in Trade Shows and at over sixty festivals and fairs.
Unfortunately, this program has not yet been able to reach its full potential for several reasons. First and
foremost is the continued disorganization on the part of the Romanian organizations, and their inability to
cooperate with the structures the League has established through its expertise in American markets.
Hence, the programs for economic assistance are necessarily connected to those for civic training and
organizational advising. Secondly, an American organization, Aid to Artisans, has received a great deal of
the federal money destined for these kinds of artisan development programs; unfortunately, we feel that
Aid to Artisans is using its funds inefficiently and perhaps abusively, and has refused to cooperate with our

b. Programs and activities to promote the Romanian economy in the U.S., starting with the
"Romanian-American Trade Committee" established in Chicago in 1992, an organization which made
significant contacts between officials, government representatives, and organizations in International
Trade. Participated in business conferences about "Doing Business in Eastern Europe", and organizing in
1993 a three day programs for a delegation of sixty Romanian businessmen, in cooperation and
agreement with the Romanian Chamber of Commerce, the largest Romanian Trade Mission in the U.S.

c. In Romania, initiated meetings with several chambers of commerce and companies and participated in a
Romanian-American conference promoting the concept of ASSOCIATION for companies that need to
export and can not do it alone or with government support. Renewed efforts to help organize some trade
missions coming to the U.S. in the past three year. We would like to see a more cooperative and open
structure of interaction between diaspora organizations and Romanian economic institutions, and will
continue to work towards that goal.

3. Continuous contacts with Romanian officials in the U.S. but also in Romania, including the office of the
president, and with the Romanian press to inform and to stimulate cooperation. Developed seminars and
strategies on topics of expertise for Mrs. Perciali : "Promotion of the Romanian culture and economy in the
US - or lack of it", "Problematic relationship between the diaspora and its mother country - who is at fault
for nonfunctional bridges and many millions of dollars losses?" and other issues in the U.S. that she
strongly felt the Romanian public should be informed about in order to learn ways to solve internal
problems better.

4. Organized many round tables, seminars, lectures and presentations on the topics related to the issues
above, in Romania and the U.S. Many were covered by the press: about 40 articles, and appearances on
Romanian Television. A great deal of promotion especially for the League's latest project: "One year Pilot
Program of helping the Romanian Economy" by donating space for representation and commercialization
in Philadelphia. We hope the Romanian people can get organized soon to take advantage of these
opportunities and expertise.

For recent projects and activities please visit the other web sites files such as "Programs for Romania",
"Internship", "Current Exhibit - Painted Furniture, in Brasov, Romania". Unfortunately our programs meant
to help Romania have not been supported, as they should have been,  by the Romanian officials, by the
US Embassy,  the NY Economic Consulate, and the Romanian Cultural Institute. These are state run
institutions that have not deeply reformed themselves into more democratic, transparent and professional   
institutions; they do not support the efforts of the civic society and more often then not display competitive
and defying attitudes to the non-government organizations , their staff refuses to visit most of the diaspora
and refuse to learn about us and from us. Also they do not present the diaspora's efforts, including ours to
the people of Romania depriving them of our resources, experience, commitment, and achievements.
1606 Spruce St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103
1606 Spruce St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103