A premiere in the United States, an exhibit of Transylvanian antique primitive furniture, replicas of German-
style painted furniture, and new country pine furniture. Some of the latter pieces were donated to the
museum for sale and, along with taking orders on the painted replica pieces, are part of the museum and
the Romanian-American League's main program to promote the Romanian culture and economy in the U.
S., to support the Romanian artisans, and to raise funds for the Romanian Museum. Painting on wood
furniture is a seven-century old Transylvanian much appreciated tradition whose historic and artistic value
has common old european roots with the Pennsyilvania's immigrants craft. Of German origin and
preserved in Romania through many generations, this folk art is now in danger of extinction without the
attention of the world artistic community. Beautiful objects such as painted floral dowery chests and
decorative wall or corner pieces are both rustic and elegant, dramatic and functional, with accents of naif
and village designs, add a romantic touch to any interior especially since the artisans who created them, in
collaboration with Rodica Perciali, are unusually talented Romanian Gypsies. You can see more of such
design furniture pieces, including large armoirs, at "Current Exhibits in Romania" (exhibit organized with the
occasion of the opening of the Romanian-American League office in the Transylvanian city of Brasov in
February 2004 - visited by apppointment).

Half of the proceeds will go for operational and program expences, including hiring a PT director and
printing of much needed brochures and the other half will go for special fund for a new appropriate
location since, after 20 years of donations and volunteer work, the Perciali's family can not continue to
house it and maintained it for posterity without significant help from the Romanian-American communities
and more supporters of Romanian culture wherever they are.

Please join us in our effort to preserve and popularize this precious art form by helping us prepare:

  • GRAND OPENING events and STRONG MEDIA and MARKETING CAMPAIGNS including printing
    and dissemination of printed materials.
  • Two organizational gatherings with potential supporters and the participation of Romanian officials.
  • To invite from Romania a specialist in cultural promotion and two artisans specialized in painting
  • To organize several lectures and visual presentations covering the story of such furniture and other
    topics Romanian and American cultural and economic aspects related to it.
  • To produce a photo exhibit, a catalogue, and an educational videotape.
  • To organize a touring exhibit to other US cities. To stimulate other people to join our efforts, to use
    our exemple and help create other venues to promote Romanian culture in the US and to support
    the artisans in Romania, as well as to educate Romanian people in Romania on how to do such
    things themselves. including to help the poor families of Romanian artisans, especially those of the
    Gypsies that we identified as exceptionally talented and hardworking.
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Philadelphia, PA 19103