1606 Spruce, Philadelphia PA 19103, ph.(609)216-6991
March 1 - April 22
Th-Sat. and by appointment
1:00 PM - 7:00 PM
The 9th Annual Romanian Easter Eggs Exhibit & Sale
Traditional and new designs by renown artisans from Bucovina

Duck eggs -$15-35; Goose eggs - only in the collection
Exquisitely hand painted or dyed with traditional designs and, more recently, hand decorated with
colored wax with very intricate small designs, including plants and animals, by a growing number of
talented artisans from Bucovina, a very beautiful region in Northeast Romania. Formerly a
Romanian region, half of it became part of Ukraine after WWI. The Easter Eggs with very intricate
geometric designs (as opposed to the floral Polish ones) were promoted in the U.S. mainly by
Ukrainian-Americans as Pysanki, as being just "Ukrainian" when in fact they belong mostly to the
region of Bucovina and not to the whole country of Ukraine; one can say that now they belong to two
cultures, though it is the Romanian side of Bucovina that has been producing much more and of
better quality and exporting large quantities for the markets not just in West Europe and the U.S. but
also in Asia, mainly in Japan.
The painted ones whose designs leave free about 10% white background are either blue, or green
and yellow, or the more traditional red. The waxed ones that have about 20% white background are
decorated either  with just beige and brown designs, including some fascinating ones with BIRDS
and ANIMALS, or using more colors such as red, yellow, green besides beige and brown.
We also have ostrich large eggs decorated with village folk life scenery where a central place would
be the church surrounded by people at fieldwork and children school activities. Collectors should
rush for the eggs depicting religious figures of Jesus and St.Mary or birds and animals.
Lower prices for larger orders. Please contact us for mail order!

Occasional egg painting demonstrations by artisan Gheorghe Gardu .  
To offer help (volunteer work or donations), for details on the Orthodox traditions for
Easter, to register for a Romanian Easter Dinner, and for info about our summer
programs and participation in Festivals, please contact Rodica Perciali at (215) 732 -
6780 or email to office@romanianculture.us Happy Easter!
1606 Spruce St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Please visit Philadelphia Inquier - Magazine section, March 20, 08 for coverage of our exhibit